HealthBEX is interested in establishing relationships with practitioners and specialists that understand the value of proper diet and exercise as prevention and treatment options for their patients. Our Dietitians and Fitness Professionals have worked in clinical health education programs at both the hospital and private practice levels.  Working hand-in-hand with other members of the healthcare team is the key to changing our communities’ sense of health awareness. Our goal is to enhance the standard of patient care by addressing and improving this awareness between doctor’s visits.

By entrusting us with your patients’ behavior management, you are afforded the opportunity to focus on your practice without repeatedly having to address general health education. When you team up with with HealthBEX, you will save time and effort while simultaneously enhancing your business’ reputation and return, and your patients’ quality of life.

Contact us directly if you are interested in learning more about HealthBEX clinical education guest speaking opportunities.

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