Registered Dietitian Services

HealthBEX meal plans include access to our unique smartphone app and online platform, printable grocery lists, meal tracking and food choice substitution, physical activity log, a barcode scanner for quick tracking, and continual maintenance of your progress with accurate nutrient requirements.
*These services include a FREE initial consultation with a Registered Dietitian and open communication through telehealth coaching.
1-on-1 Consultation

Need extra help? Use tele-health coaching to discuss questions, changes to your schedule, different strategies, or to keep yourself accountable to the plan of action!

Monthly Meal Plan

Follow your monthly nutritional plan under the recommendation of a state licensed and registered dietitian.

Medical Nutritional Therapy*

We work together with you and your primary care physician to build a nutritional treatment plan. Most health insurance plans are accepted.

Genetic Testing for Optimal Results*

Take your progress to the next level with our DNA-testing and customized plans.

**This is offered exclusively in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas and the Sacramento, California areas.

In America, two of three adults and one of three children are overweight or obese. Medical professionals could now spend a large amount of their time and effort educating patients on general health issues like diet and nutrition. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is an evidence‐based application of the Nutrition Care Process. MNT includes: nutrition assessment and re‐assessment, nutrition diagnosis, nutrition intervention and monitoring, and evaluation that typically results in the prevention, delay, or management of diseases and/or health conditions.

Nutriceuticals can be fortified foods or dietary supplements that provide health benefits in addition to basic nutritional value; a specially treated food, vitamin, mineral, herb, etc., that you eat or drink in order to improve your health. Unfortunately, the FDA has no regulations on ingredients used or claims made by the supplement industry. Ask your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist whether supplements are right for you!

Dietary prescriptions are the key to seeing a fast, safe, and maintainable change. Each BEX Nutrition plan is built by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specifically with your needs and preferences in mind. Along with many other features, you will have quick access to your meal plans, daily requirements, grocery lists, and a handy barcode scanner all via our smartphone app. Included in the software are nutrition and exercise logs that will help to reinforce these new behaviors as daily habits!

Mobile App Screenshots

Sample Genetic Testing Results