Lifestyle Managment Packages

* Each package combines HealthBEX Nutrition and Exercise services and includes: 1) FREE monthly consultations with a state Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Health Fitness Professional, 2) online and mobile access to our nutrition and exercise app, 3) open email correspondence with your specialists, and 4) continual maintenance of your progressive plans with up-to-date nutrient and activity guidelines.


Develop a sense of self-awareness and start your path to creating new habits.

3-month Package10% OFF ORIGINAL PRICES

Practice your new habits and stay accountable to your commitment for 3 months.

Best Price!
6-month Package20% OFF ORIGINAL PRICES

Creating a new habit takes time and effort! Stick with the plan for 6 months to begin seeing a true behavior change.

Research shows that healthy eating and moderate physical activity reduce the risk of chronic health conditions as well as more immediate health incidences like heart attack and stroke. These natural combatants of disease also:

  • boost energy levels,
  • reduce stress,
  • increase movement independence,
  • reduce risk of injury; controls body weight,
  • enhance bone, muscle, and joint health,
  • reduce the risk of falling in older adults,
  • help to relieve the pain associated with arthritis, and
  • lessen the psychological symptoms of depression and anxiety.


A daily regime of healthy eating and moderate physical activity can lead to fewer physician visits, hospitalizations, medications, and an overall improved quality of life!

Lifestyle management and behavioral change education has become an important part of medical treatment and disease prevention. Our Health Professionals collaborate to deliver top of the line behavioral management strategies that apply directly to your life. The HealthBEX Lifestyle Management program will enable you to break through your limitations, meet your health and fitness goals, and make a lifestyle change!