Working in the healthcare and fitness industries can be a rewarding experience. The fulfillment you get every time someone’s life has been changed is priceless. As practitioners, we usually have the ability influence many lives outside of work; perhaps to the point you have begun to think about starting your own business. Chances are, studying to be a health professional probably didn’t allow much time to study entrepreneurship. HealthBEX offers advice and guidance for healthcare and fitness professionals that want to build their own business and stand apart from others. Our network of working professionals is a testament to the fact that this field can be as rewarding financially as it can in every other way.


Whether you’re a motivated professional building your own business or you just want to make some extra money on client referrals, contact us for more information about joining our movement. The HealthBEX Network is comprised of professionals that have affected lives in every branch of the health, fitness, and wellness industries including but not limited to: general population fitness and wellness, athletic strength & conditioning, sports nutrition and dieting, employee wellness, clinical nutrition and dieting, and clinical healthcare.

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Master the health and wellness industry and give your clients the best opportunity to succeed!

HealthBEX Network members will be equipped with:

• Self-management and marketing tools

• Online presence establishment

• Unrivaled client accountability tools

• Sales coaching

• New client leads

• Networking with health professionals across the nation